York City And The Importance Of Staying In The Football League.

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1984 and history has just been set. York City have become the first team in English football to get 100 points finishing the season as champions of the old fourth division. Fast forward 29 years and they could be returning to the conference after just one season back in the football league.

After spending the last 8 years watching York battle it out with teams like Lincoln, Tamworth and Forest Green I can honestly say I shed a tear the day we beat fierce rivals Luton in the play off final. It capped off an impressive season with an FA trophy already under our belts.

So why is it so important that we remain in the ‘basement’ of the football league? Well for one the FA don’t fund the youth side of conference teams

so it would mean resorting to fund raising and as an advocate of youth football it would be clearly a disaster and severely limit the chance of nurturing good young talent. Also attendances would drop drastically and its hard enough trying to get people through the turnstiles for a Tuesday night fixture against Morecambe and as we all know the bigger the crowds the more money for the coffers. Plus with our rocky financial history it could cause us financial meltdown with the sudden cut of incoming funds from the Football league and television rights.

York City

York City

But more then that it’s purely selfish reasons. You want your club to be playing against the best teams and going upwards in stature. After 8 long years of grafting outside the football league you don’t want to end up straight back in the mire. Plus it makes it harder to sign better players so in the long term it makes it more difficult to improve and our hopes of future champions league football would be impossible.

Saturday is the the last game of the season and we are making the long trip to Dagenham. Our allocation of tickets has been sold out and all we need is a point to stay up which I believe is easily possible. Its in our hands and as a die hard York fan it would be a tragedy if we went down so hopefully the other teams will struggle and we can build on it for next season.


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