Arsene Wenger needs to grow up and stop blaming the officials

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Arsene Wenger’s team was humiliated by Manchester City on Sunday. Only 11 games played and already 12 points behind the leaders in 6th place, behind Liverpool and other major contenders. Arsenal now have a real struggle on to finish any higher and get any Euro slot at all.

Arsene Wenger, Manager of Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger, Manager of Arsenal.

Wenger seems to blame it on poor refereeing. Although there were definitely issues with the officiating, the referees cannot be blamed for Arsenal’s consistently poor performance.

Everything was just poor – the team selection, team performance, certain individual performances, officials, simply not good enough.

Arsenal should cash in on Sanchez in January as he is clearly not interested. His final ball was terrible. For someone who clearly wanted to move to City, you would think that he would put in a massive performance against them.

After a few more games, the Gooners will be a third of the way through the season. So there is still a long way to go, but it really does look like they are in a 2-way battle for 5th with Liverpool. The gap in class between Arsenal and City is pretty big. City are 12 points higher than Arsenal, with a goal difference between them of 27! City eased past Arsenal, despite the poor decisions from the ref. It is important to note that City had a hard Champions League game mid-week while Wenger’s team rested the entire first team, and even then he didn’t start Wilshere and Lacazette! 

The issue of the officiating is a legitimate concern. The replay footage showed that when the crucial ball was played through, the referee was ‘ball-watching’, that is to say, he had his eyes on the play, and not the last ‘line’ of defenders, so he couldn’t have possibly seen it. It was clearly an offside, and the goal should not have been counted. The match officials didn’t give an offside decision (erroneously) therefore it is onside and the goal stands.

But that still does not change the fact that Wenger is responsible for Arsenal’s decline from being even pretenders for the top prizes.

City were miles better than Arsenal, deserved to win, and by a bigger margin in reality. The real object of any criticism should be the man responsible for selection, training and motivation of our rather poor team – Mr. Arsene Wenger, who always tries to deflect any blame for our failings from himself. He is totally responsible for all team matters, but isn’t prepared to actually take any responsibility when it fails to go his way.

In this case he can’t use the excuse that we had champions league midweek nor the fact we have any significant injuries. So he is blaming the officials.

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