Auf weidersehen Ozil!

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Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil, stated on Monday that his future at the Emirates is dependent on whether Arsene Wenger puts pen to paper.

If that wasn’t enough reason to show Arsenal’s number 11 the exit, then what is!?

The Gunners creative midfielder has 18 months left on his current deal and the feeling of unease at the lack of action is increasing.

Arsenal’s number 11, along with Alexis Sanchez, is the North Londoners most talented footballer, yet his attitude and output are frequently called into question.

Ozil is a luxury player, a creator, an artist of the game, and while he receives all the plaudits for his invention when it works, when it doesn’t he becomes a scapegoat. Ozil recently declared: “If I have one bad game after ten good ones, there is immediate criticism”.

In truth, his lackadaisical demeanour is reflective of the general problems facing the club right now and the type of player they have in their ranks only adds to that seasonal disappointment.

The North Londoners emit that laissez-faire approach along with an air that as long as they’re playing tiki-taka, pretty football, they’re adhering to their philosophies of total football first, trophies second; bank balance first, success second.

A concern is that the German international has a habit of disappearing, not just in games of a physical nature, but in top of the table clashes too. This was no more true than in December’s clash against Manchester City where he was more or less anonymous.

Ozil lacks the heart, the passion and the fight that it takes to become a hero for The Gunners. He will never be adored in the same way as an Adams or a Vieira who exuded that do or die attitude which made them legendary.

If statistics are anything to go by then the three Premier League assists he has to his names so far are a long way off the nine assists that Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne has, and a far cry from the 19 assists Ozil carved out in the 2015/16 season.

His statement earlier this week shows what he feels for the institution that is Arsenal FC; that his allegiance is to Wenger and not the club.

Anyone with a passion and a desire to succeed at a club would commit themselves long-term, regardless of the managers situation.

Surely this is a perfect opportunity to get rid of not just one of Arsenal’s biggest dead-weights but Le Boss too.

The Gunners will be a much better outfit without Ozil and Wenger. The French man has become the reason why Arsenal no longer pose a challenge. His out of date techniques, inability to adapt, insistence on playing miniature footballers, and complacency at settling for a top four finish year in year out have seen his teams turn into pretenders rather than contenders.

So if Wenger, and therefore Ozil, don’t sign extensions to their current deals, it won’t be the apocalypse many Gooners believe it to be, rather an opportunity to get rid of the dead wood and start anew.

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