Frankie Lampard – Why did we let him go?

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It has been rightly said in the past that no player is as big as the club, and truly that is the case, but occasionally there will come a player or players whose importance to the club needs to be taken into consideration when they are in a place to make their demands .

There are other players who complain about the club lacking the ambition that they have and unless the club improves its squad they are on their way out of the club , these players tend to hold the club to ransom, then throw their rattle out of the pram when they don’t get what they want, and move on to a so-called bigger club that meets their lofty expectations.

In many such situations, I think the majority of the fans will be glad to get rid of the disloyal ingrate, unless in some circumstances the owners are holding the club back. It is interesting that despite the absolute frustration of watching your team  struggle week in week out, few true fans will change their allegiances to the club despite how poor they are playing or how poorly the club is being run .

Some may say that it’s a short career being a professional footballer and the person is entitled to as much money and success as they can find.  What about the poor downtrodden supporters, who faithfully chant their hero’s name on a Saturday afternoon, whose  adulation and inside knowledge of the player helps put the player on his pedestal in the first place?  Are they not entitled to a bit more than ” I,d like to thank the supporters for their support they have shown me while I have been at the club? ”  Now, before I am  accused of going off in the realms of fantasy football by expecting more loyalty from the players on the pitch to the fans in the stands, let me give an example of loyalty to fans which resulted in very successful careers by staying loyal to that  club.  I’m  thinking of such respected players as Tony Adams, John Terry, Alan Shearer, Steve Gerard, and many others who had loyalty and success in their careers and a life-long gratitude of their beloved club’s fans .

If they want to leave let them go, but don’t give them the adulation that is more deserved of the ones who stayed to fight for the club during the good times and the bad even if they don’t shine as brightly as the stars who shine on the playing fields of the glamour clubs .

Of course, there are sometimes special circumstances about why a player may move on to new pastures, which are totally out of their control, when moving on is the last thing that they want to do.  In these situations I often ask myself, why oh why did we not just keep him on? Why did we not take a gamble and meet his demands if  he is proven? That’s better than taking the chance on someone new and unproven to the club, who may or may not fill the enormous gap left by the departing legend.

I am referring of course to Super Frankie Lampard. Surely, his record speaks for itself. His goals did not dry up only his appearances, everyone knew he was still hot property and yet the club allowed him to go and so now he may be the difference in securing or not securing the title for the Chelsea blues. What’s even more frustrating for the Chelsea faithful is we release Frank yet bring back Drogba. As much as Drogba is a natural legend to the club, I think perhaps the people at the club who make these decisions have underestimated the esteem at which Frankie was held at the club, and what a truly fantastic loyal player he is .

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