Liverpool needs to continue their element of surprise

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jurgen-kloppJürgen Klopp and his team need to play together and keep their momentum, which also means they need to continue to surprise their opponents. Liverpool’s win against Huddersfield proves that they can bring themselves together to finish their plays and hold their ground.

But there are still cracks within their lineup. They couldn’t break down a well disciplined Huddersfield team. LFC’s performance was underwhelming in the first half, in which Huddersfield were exceptionally well-organised. However, it emerged that it was an agreed tactic by Klopp not to be aggressive in the first half and, to that extent, it was self-evident that Moreno and Gomez had been instructed to play conservatively.

The first goal was gifted, but they had a pure striker and he finished. There’s been some discussions on the fact that perhaps a striker is needed to polish off those opportunities. Does this prove the point?

Ultimately, the Reds wore Huddersfield down. And once the first goal arrived, it was smooth sailing thereafter. Job done and for sure, the context of the win looked after itself.

Three more points added and a pretty acceptable performance after the previous outing’s mishap.

It is fair to say the challenge is consistency as that is what will see LFC move up the table and build momentum. Klopp has already suggested much the same. And if they can get another solid performance and win against Maribor it sets up well for the hammers over the weekend.

Another thing to note is that Gigi showed what was missing against Spurs. He really wins the ball back in midfield quicker than anyone else. Also for the first time Klopp got his substitutions correct. Hendo must play those forward passes more often as he did in second half. Not only sideways is not going to help also it creates doubt in opposition mind on what to expect.

Klopp’s tactics definitely deserve some praise. Like with the Manure game he did the opposite of what his rival manager expected. Wagner was banking on an offensive Klopp approach and instead he used a safe and assured (if not a little underwhelming) first half. He then pushed Hendo and Millie on 10 yards into spaces he has seen in the 1st half and the result was a defensive mistake very early on, followed by yet another gear change and a resounding victory. 

Klopp out boxed Maureen in regard the famous ‘last 10mins’ that Manure have become masters of delivering the sucker punch, rather than Klopp commit midfielders for attackers he just freshened up the attack and left the midfield doing their job. 

But one of the biggest issues facing Liverpool is injuries. The team has not had much opportunity to play together. Clyne has been out since day 1, Mane out with suspension and injury, Lallana and Coutinho. It is important to be aware of the fact that LFC has not fielded a healthy team since day one.

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