Mourinho has proven Manchester is Blue

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The first Manchester derby of the 2017-18 season carried with it an incredible degree of significance. 1st vs. 2nd, title battle, Pep vs. Mourinho, big spender vs big spender, possession based football vs counter-attacking football, and bragging rights for Manchester. The match was billed to be a cracker, and it delivered. In the end, Jose Mourinho proved that Manchester is indeed blue.Pep Guardiola will join Manchester City from Bayern Munich ahead of the 2016/17 season

Manchester United were at home, playing in front of the crowd at Old Trafford, at their current fortress under Mourinho. What transpired was a sea of blue drowning the Old Trafford red. Manchester United set-up and played akin to an away match. Mourinho has taken this approach before in big matches, but at home his sides still manage to demonstrate more of a show than United were able to put on display on Sunday. United were thoroughly dominated; City boast 65% possession of the ball, 14 shots, 8 corners, 619 passes (of which 559 were short passes). There is almost no need to go into the specifics of Manchester United’s chances, just that they made 80 long balls (almost twice as many as Manchester City) and completed almost half the amount of passes and short passes as Manchester City.

It is perhaps lost in the media that this is a side that has spent close to 150 million GBP in each of Mourinho’s two seasons with United. It is shocking that Mourinho is not under greater pressure to perform in the league and in big matches. It is also a credit to Manchester United fans that they have not turned on Mourinho as of yet; perhaps it is the result of a fear in getting stuck with another David Moyes or Louis Van Gal. The reality, however, is that even Moyes’ West Ham were equally as capable of putting in a performance against Manchester city like the one United put on, and West Ham have not spent nearly as much as Jose Mourinho’s side in the last two years.

Undoubtedly, Jose Mourinho fans will argue that Pogba was missing and that Manchester City have spent large sums of money as well. However, Pep Guardiola did not feel the need to play his most potent striker- Sergio Aguero- and put his money to good use by playing United out of Old Trafford.

Powerful teams- Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich- come to play football. It is what separates them from the rest. When teams play against these superior sides, they tend to “park the bus”. Mourinho brought his bus to a potential title decider, parked it in Old Trafford, and proved that he knows that City is the superior team, and that Manchester is, in fact, blue.

Perhaps Sir Alex Ferguson would have done the same, but his side would have created far more chances, been braver, showed greater hunger, and force City to fight for their win. On Sunday, City were sloppy individually, rested Aguero, lost Kompany to an injury midway through the match, and still managed to win at Old Trafford.

Manchester United fans may not like to hear it, but Manchester is blue, and Jose Mourinho has let it become so by failing to gets his team to perform in an attacking manner akin to their transfer market value, and by failing to show that his team could go punch for punch with Pep Guardiola’s side in what was clearly a must win for the Manchester Red.

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