The Mbappe saga – who will end up with him, Real Madrid or Arsenal?

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Kylian Mbappe has been getting a lot of attention for the transfer window. The French striker has made quite an impression with AS Monaco, and everyone is eyeing him. He pulled a hat-trick for them earlier this season in December and then another one in February.Kylian Mbappe

Wenger certainly had an eye on him, calling him a “huge football talent” and likening him to Theirry Henry.

For some, Mbappe would be a dream signing but not necessarily realistic. Some would describe his game play as silky smooth. For others, Mbappé’s performance is a bit underwhelming. His positioning is sometimes poor as he is caught offside way too much and when he has chances on goal he fluffs his lines. He recently had a very good assist for the 3rd goal against England, even though England had pretty much switched off.

But some feel he still has work to do to play in the 1st team at a superclub. One strategy career move would be learning to be more composed especially at the highest level. This could be done at a club where he plays regular football, and he might not have that opportunity at Real, Barca, Chelsea or Manchester Utd. Since he is only 18, it may be best to take it slow and build up any weaknesses.

With a going rate of 130 million, it would be interested to see who ends up with Mbappe. Real Madrid certainly has the money and historically had no issues paying large sums for talent. And it would be hard to turn that down in favour of a smaller team. Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see the next stage of his career.

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