Why Frank De Boer will be the first manager to get sacked this season

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Crystal Palace's new Manager Frank De BoerFrank de Boer, the newly appointed manager of Crystal Palace, has been a hot topic for discussions lately for all the wrong reasons.

The Dutchman has only managed  three Premier League games, and none of them did well. Boer’s tactics are definitely not going well for Palace, but de Boer is reluctant to change his plans.  Boer himself has been unsure about his tactics with Palace and has repeatedly changed formation and game style.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why De Boer will be the first one to get sacked this season.

De Boer demands Palace to play more of a possession-based game with 3 men at the back, following a 3-4-3 formation. However, Palace are used to playing counter attacking or offensive game with 4-4-2 formation, so this is creating some confusion with the players. Tactical change has been a major flaw in De Boer’s reign so far, as the Eagles are yet to open their goal tally.

Another issue threatening de Boer’s job is Palace’s lack of action in the transfer market. De Boer has not yet signed a major player to improve his side. The Dutchman has expressed his desire to sign “quality” players  repeatedly but has been a total flop with signings till now.

Finally, Crystal Palace have recently appointed Freedman, which has given a spark to rumours about him succeeding De Boer as Palace’s manager role. Freedman has previously managed Crystal Palace and knows the club inside out which gives him an edge over Boer.

If Crystal Palace’s poor run continues, De Boer will definitely be the first one to face the axe this season and Dougie is very likely to succeed him at Selhurst Park.

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