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When your team gets to a major cup final, every fan wants to be there to support and cheer them to victory.

These days, doing just that is becoming increasingly hard. Why? Because the governing bodies are too busy filling their own pockets rather than caring about the fans.


UEFA too concerned with corporate's than real fans

UEFA too concerned with corporate’s than real fans

We see it multiple times in England in the show piece finals, the Capital One cup final, the F.A cup final and in the Playoffs.

Much of Wembley’s 90,000 capacity is reserved as corporate seats, basically those who the F.A want to impress and get money off.

A final match should be about the fans and the teams. Enjoying a day out to the national stadium all hoping to be victories and basking in the glory of winning a trophy.

Instead, we see huge sections of bright red seats as the so-called fans are too busy in the bar at half time to care about what’s going on out on the football pitch.

It’s not just in England either. Ticket allocations for the Champions League final in Germany were announced recently.

In a 74,000 seater stadium, only 20,000 seats will be for each set of supporters, with UEFA keeping 24,000 for themselves.

How crazy is that? Should a team from England reach the final how would the clubs go about selling 20,000 tickets when Chelsea have 24,000 season ticket holders, when Manchester City have 36,000 and Arsenal 45,000?

UEFA need to thinking about lining their pockets full of cash and think of the supporters. For many it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Many won’t get that chance. Only 17,500 Chelsea fans got to see them lift their first Champions League trophy in 2012 and only 9,800 the Europa League trophy.

With all the money in the game today, you would think the fans would be considered and be allowed to enjoy such occasions with their teams, but all UEFA care about is how they can benefit.

The only way it will change is if the supports act by not going to these events but who is going to miss the chance to go to a Champions League final to make a point? Not many, if any at all.



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