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Juventus have just sealed their 5th straight Serie A title.


That is a remarkable achievement in any league in the world, but perhaps what is even more remarkable is the club itself. Ten years ago, Juventus were caught up in a match fixing scandal that not only saw them relegated to the second tier of Italian football for the first time in their history, they were also stripped of the two league titles they had achieved during the two seasons previously. The Italian first division took a swift decline as a result, one that many fans argue that the league has never recovered from. Juventus are top of the pile once again, but has the last ten years been as easy as many casual fans believe or have the club struggled despite their apparent success?

The 2006-07 season was a bittersweet one for many fans of Juventus.

Juventus players celebrating 5 Serie A titles in a row

Juventus players celebrating 5 Serie A titles in a row

Betrayed by the club they loved and shocked at what had transpired, Juventus started the season with a 9-point deduction in a league that many deemed a ‘walk over’ for the quality of the Juventus side. However, many key players jumped ship during the summer, this left holes in the starting line-up that needed to be filled. Legends like Buffon and Nedved stuck around to ensure the clubs promotion back to Serie A was a quick one, eager to put the misery of the behind the scenes antics behind them. Marchisio came into the first team during this season and is still very much there today, if that breakthrough was what Marchisio needed then maybe there were positives after all. In one season and even with the 9-point deduction from the start, Juventus won the league and were promoted back into the Italian top flight. This seemed like a dark mark on the history of the club but it was the years that followed that showed just how much of a shell Juventus now were.

In their first season back, Juventus managed to finish in third place, qualifying for the Champions League the following season, but that was about as good as it got for a while (other than defeating Real Madrid at home and away). Unsuccessful results meant that Ranieri, who was hired at the start of the season, was shown the door with just two games left to go in the league, a big statement from the club. This was in a season where they finished second, although a big gap of ten points separated them from Inter Milan you would have thought that the expectations may have been lower during the rebuilding process, but this was incorrect. Two 7th place finishes in the league in a row showed troubling times for Juventus who were about to move to their brand new stadium. Welcome, Antonio Conte.

2011-12 saw a revolution at Juventus. A new manager, a new stadium and a new hope.

Paul Pogba is fast becoming a club legend in Turin

Paul Pogba is fast becoming a club legend in Turin

The first team to ever go unbeaten for the entire set of 38 games in that format of the Serie A. Following that has been 5 years of pure joy for Juventus fans. Some world-class players have been crafted in that time, namely Paul Pogba. A key instrument of success for Juventus, 121 appearances and 28 goals in the league alone, while wearing a price tag that some small countries could not afford, he has been vital to the progression and survival of Juventus. 457 appearances for Juventus and a pair of the biggest hands in Italian football, Gianluigi Buffon has done it all with Juventus. He is a legend of the club and of the game and deserves his name to be sung right across the country.

Really, it is easy to see why people say that Juventus had a successful turnaround after the match fixing scandal, but it was not without hard work. Those who stuck around were deeply rewarded for doing so and the club, along with the fans, will never ever forget it. Managers came and went but there seems to be a real recipe for success going on a Juventus now, all without splashing the big cash, and with players like Pogba and Coman still with bright futures ahead of them, the sky is the limit for Juventus.

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