Perils of poor management at Juventus

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Juventus-logoThere are a lot of fans who are getting tired of rooting for Juventus. It is hard. They look around and see teams like Inter and Porto. It is never really fair to make comparisons, but it is hard not to. When you look at those teams and their average strength over the games in the past few years, it is hard not to become upset at the management of the club, and the players who are paid so much but fail on one of the biggest matches, when it counts the most.

There are a lot of people who would feel like it is pointless for the Juventus fans to buy tickets and fill the Juve stadium every week to watch them beat teams like Napoli, Lazio, Atalanta, Pescara, or even Roma, because those games can be boring. There will be some amazing goals scored by Higuain, reassuring everyone that he is worth the 90m. But put him and the rest of the team in a European Cup final and they choke. It really does not matter which team they were facing. Even in the late 90s they had an amazing team. Some would argue that Juve had legends and the strongest team in Europe. But that did not change anything as they still could not win the finals.

One major issue is age. The players are old. It will not be easy to replace the likes of Alves, Barzagli, Bonnuci, Buffon, and Chiellini. Khedira is starting to get old as well, and is not in top form. Also, Higuain is not always up to par, so he should either be sold or kept for the league games while Juventus get another player for UCL. Then there is Marchisio, who is also good for league games, but not the best in UCL. So the most competent players to have on the starting lineup are Dybala, Pjanic, and Sandro. And their bench is weak. Since the prices of their players are very high, they cannot realistically compete in the transfer market to solidify their team, despite the enormous CL sum they got. Even though they lost the final, they made a lot of money (over 100m) this season. And this is not the first time, as they were in a similar situation in 2015 as well. Purchasing Higuain was a bad decision as it was only intended to weaken Napoli. But they spent almost all of their UCL winnings on the one player. Moving forward, Juventus will face some struggle as they phase out their older players and try to build their cash flow by advancing in the UCL games. As history repeats itself, they will not win, so they have to account for merchandise revenue, membership revenue, match day revenue, tourism revenue and television revenue. They will have to pray for good deals on the transfer market. They need to look for cheaper players. But unfortunately, they put themselves in this position.

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