Can Mexico get over their World Cup R16 curse?

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Mexico has a competitive football team that has been consistently qualifying for the World Cup since 1994. They are always giving a solid performance and take a lot of the spotlight in their CONCACAF Championships. They have also made a presence in the Copa America on a regular basis. And they do well in the World Cup too, as they have been advancing past the first stage every year since 1994. However, they seem to lose their steam after the first stage.Mexico_national_football_team_seal.svg

If we look at the past World Cup games, it seems like Mexico always seems to be on fire in the group stage. They either come out as winners or strong runners-up. But they seem to consistently go out in the first knockout round.

1998 – R16 loss to Germany

2002 – R16 loss to USA

2006 – R16 loss to Argentina

2010 – R16 loss to Argentina

2014 – R16 loss to Netherlands

They seem to have been eliminated more than any other country in the Round of 16, and that may be because they seem to get really tough draws. But the current team is extremely strong and should be able to make a better mark in World Cup 2018.

Some would argue that the reason they look so good is because their CONCACAF opponents are weak compared to World Cup competitors. It should also be noted that their key players Chicarito, Guardado, and Marquez are starting to get old and are beyond their prime.

Nonetheless, Mexico seems to be on a roll. They will make their mark like they always do, but it remains to be seen whether they can actually get past the Round of 16. This will mean having to keep up their pace, and maybe a bit of luck on having an easier draw.

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