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One of the most promising and exciting young players to watch in Major League Soccer this year is 21-year-old Diego Fagundez. Fagundez surged onto the MLS scene when he signed with the New England Revolution at the age of 16 in 2011. His first five years with the Revolution were filled with accolades and impressive achievements for such a young age. He became the youngest player in MLS history to appear in 100 games and score 25 goals. In 2013, he was voted the MVP of the Revolution. Along with personal accomplishments, he has helped the Revolution reach the postseason each of the last three years.

This year could prove to be pivotal for Fagundez and his hopes to become a household name, both in the MLS and internationally. He is entering his sixth year as a professional and it will be interesting to see if the young star can progress to new heights or if he has plateaued in his development.

Personally, I believe that Fagundez is just getting started with MLS and people will soon know his name. It is hard to watch a Revolution match and not recognize the energy and dynamic talent that he brings on and off the ball. He one of those players that is fun to watch even if you aren’t a fan of the game, very similar to Russell Westbrook in the NBA. In his first match of the 2016 season against the Houston Dynamo, Fagundez was the best player on the pitch finishing with a goal and two assists including this gem of a strike.

If this is any indication of Fagundez’s 2016 campaign, I think we are all in for a treat. Youth, speed, field awareness, and unquestionable talent are what will propel Fagundez and the New England Revolution to the top of Major League Soccer.

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